Ecig regulations loosen up in the USA…

Ecig regulation has been an issue of concern for many ecig smokers since the inception of the ecig.  The freedom the ecig grants its users far out weighs the negatives so you can see why ecig smokers would be protective.

Luckily, over the past year, the regulations on the ecig have loosened up a bit.  Now, you see ecig smokers in bars and shopping malls freely using their ecigs without issue.  Good for them and good for the people around them.  You ever walk up to the doors of a shopping mall only to be greeted with a face full of tobacco cigarette smoke and nasty cigarette odor from people catching a smoke at the front doors?  Yeah, me too.  It’s terrible.

Hopefully, the regulations on the ecig companies does not increase.  With ecig sales taking away big tobacco customers, it’s only a matter of time before ecigs are threatened by big tobacco lobbyist making the push for the regulation and shut down the the small ecig brands.

Singapore Banns E Cigarettes

Singapore has passed regulations that has banned the importing of e cigarettes and the selling of ecigarettes in its country.  This move has many surprised as most Asian countries have high tolerance for smoking.

The new regulations have no effect on the tobacco industry.  As those products continue to be imported and sold throughout the country.

The regulation only effects electronic cigarettes.

New Mexico Tax on E Cigarettes – HB428

Electronic Cigarette regulation talks continue to heat up around the world and things are no different in the US. States are starting to take matters into their own hands and legislators are working on bills and bans right now. New Mexico is proposing bill HB428 which would regulate electronic cigarettes as a tobacco product. If they pass this bill to regulate e cigarettes guess how much tax you will be paying in New Mexico?

The original bill HB428 proposed would not only classify e cigs as a tobacco product but would also raise the tax on “other tobacco product” like smokeless tobacco and dissolvable tobacco. The tax rates could be anywhere from 25% to 53%, thats right you could be paying 53% tax on your next Electronic Cigarette.

Thankfully in New Mexico House Taxation & Revenue Committee voted to amend the bill to not include e-cigarettes in the bill. Tax on other smokeless tobacco products were raised by the bill but ecigs were left out.

But that is not the end of electronic cig regulation, that is just one step in the State of New MExico. The bill it self is being considered by other states as well. Electronic cigs are a growing market and tax could produce a heavy revenue stream.

Be sure to check up on ecig regulation in the state you live in and make sure this types of bills dont get passed as the cost of ecig smokers.

Please call or write the members of the House Taxation & Revenue Committee below:

What can you do if your state wants to tax electronic cigarettes as a tobacco product: Call or write your local House Taxation & Revenue Committee

- Don’t be afraid to speak up if you or someone you know has had success quitting smoking with an e cigarette. Let them know e cigs work to help you quit smokin!

4. Since many/most e-cigarette sales are made online, enactment of this legislation would devastate brick-and-mortar e-cigarette retailers in NM and destroy e-cigarette companies in NM, as they could no longer compete against out-of-state and international online suppliers.

- The cost of electronic cigarettes alone has enticed many people to quit smoking. Raising the tax on electronic cigs would only deter people from trying them. If people are using ecigs to quit smoking isnt that a good thing?

- What is the point of cigarette tax in the first place, to mitigate government health cost associated with smoking, deter would be smokers with high tax cost and encourage smokers to quit. Electronic cigs are do not have the links to cancer causing carcinogens and are proving to reduce smoking and new smokers. So why punish e-cigs and e-cig smokers with the burdon of health care costs caused by tobacco products when it is not one?

- Tell them you are against HB428 redefining the  definition of “tobacco product” to include new products like electronic cigarettes that actually extend life and improve public health.

Ecig Regulation As Medicine


The e cigarette industry is changing.  If you haven’t been playing attention to what is going on in Europe, you better start.  Especially if you are in the business of selling ecigs.  What is going on in Europe and more specifically Britain is going to happen in the United States, next.

So what is going on in Great Britain?  The big tobacco companies are joining together to get the government to regulate electronic cigarettes as a medicine.  This will mean that the entire industry will become heavily regulated.

To start, if ecigs are classified as medicine then doctors will get involved.  Most likely you will have to see a doctor, get a prescription and then go through a license retailer or website to buy your e cigarette from.

This will change the entire industry.  It going to increase the cost of operation for many small companies and require them all to undergo great scrutiny to qualify for a medical license to sell prescribed medicine.

In England, the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency has already announce their intention to regulate the industry.  Now is is just a matter of sitting back and waiting to see what they will be imposing on the entire industry.

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